Monday, September 30, 2013


i'm still waiting for my neo boots to arrive, desperately awaiting the customs bill. bought some more unif and dimepiece as soon as i got up today because it's my ✩✩payday yayday✩✩, and because of some karmaloop code in my inbox that actually, for once, did apply to something that i wanted, which is just glorious.

today i'm going shopping for stevia. i'm crazy about it, like what's better than stevia in the entire world? i don't even know why i think stevia is so great, i just do. i want the stevia-logo tattooed on me. i'm also going to buy coconut flour and miracle noodles and a blender ヽ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ
and then i'm going to have to chill out, a lot.

i have this stupid six-hour evening shift which ends, you know it, at midnight. so i'll have to wait until 00:20 to see the last episode of breaking bad, and so does poor ilmari who gets off work at 4pm already, but he's so kind he waits for me :):):) i'm so stoked tho!
right now i'm about to watch the newest episode of antm, didn't get a chance during the weekend. then i'm going to start kh re:chain of memories.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


i had a glorious weekend.
on friday ilmari and i went to see for love's sake which i can't recommend to anyone but i still partially loved and as a concept i can hardly think of anything i'd love more.
on saturday we hung around and went to visit my mom and brother and then went to see this estonian film called mushrooming, which was brilliant, and then went to this bar, helsinki underground, which was a complete mess in a good way.
on sunday we played hours of video games and then went to see upstream color, which i liked a lot, too.

yesterday was a bad day, i was really tired and went to work and soon got a terrible migraine and had to come home and lay in the dark and it felt like my eyes would pop out.

today i've got a nine hour evening shift so i ain't doing nothinnn but tomorrow i'm having a day off so i'm going to see tavarataivas by myself which i've wanted to see for a long time already but haven't gotten around to do yet.

otherwise, i've received some "dope" stuff in the mail.
first and foremost, leopard hellbounds.

they're super nice.

and second, a cat clutch. this is just beyond awesome, i'll have to post some lame outfit pic just so you can see how brill it is in action.

lol these pix are so bad lol lol lol i'll take glorious pix one day i swear. this was purposefully bad tho u guys

then ilmari made me a shoe shelf because my shoes are too big and there's too many of them for any store bought solution (actually he just put it up, i bought it and all but i like the 50s feel of the previous sentence, so)

my neo boots and some other stuff are still somewhere on the way but i hope to get them before the end of the month.

How would you describe your style?
junkie goth cyber babe jersey magic girl-kei

Who is your fashion role model?
the late daul kim, cyber goths, post punk bands,

What are you wardrobe staples?
dresses, big shoes, big coats, silly bags

Most expensive item in your closet?
i don't know, i don't think i own very expensive clothes rly. i have a few somewhat pricey shoes, hellbounds for example

Most wanted item?
currently, minkpink farshion coat

Favorite Designer?
alexander mcqueen 4shou

How much do you spend on clothes?
probably between 100€-500€ a month. shiit :T

What are your favorite places to shop?
irl h&m, weekday and zara. i should visit that one store, empire, that sells unif and stuff more often to support it, but it's just so far awayyyyy (no it's not, i've just become so incredibly lazy to leave the very core of helsinki nowadays). online dolls kill, nasty gal, yayer.

Favorite fragrance?
still trying to decide between couture couture by juicy couture and the basic lolita lempicka one

Whats your favorite way to do your hair?
nothing, i'm just happy if it doesn't look like a melted nest

What is your go-to outfit when you have no idea what to wear?
comfortable, all black; skater skirt or dress with cropped knit or top over and yru platforms

nape, nipple and tongue. thinking of getting rid of the tongue one, it never shows and it looks a bit silly on me

nope, tattoos bore me to death

what about it?

Overused Phrase:
oh god...

giraffes, aye-aye, birds and especially peacocks

cherry coke zero!!! ugh

Tv show:
hannah montana, pretty little liars, breaking bad, anything gordon ramsay, arrested development, happy endings, don't trust the bitch in apartment 23, hana yori dango, neon genesis evangelion, upotte

lost in translation, love exposure

jennifer lawrence, tom cruise and christian bale just because i mean how could he not

Pepsi or Coke:
coke but i think pepsi max is good too

Mc Donalds or Burger King:
i'm gonna go with mcdonald's bc it's been such a long time since i've had burger king so i wouldn't remeber correctly

Kiss or Hug:
both :I

Dog or Cat:

Rap or Punk:
i really enjoy both, currently i'm listening more to rap tho

Summer or Winter:
summer, because of the light

Scary Movies or Funny Movies:
both, combos work too

Love or Money:

Want to go to College:

Do you Smoke:
i might bum a cigarette once every two weeks, so i've basically quit

here's moi from two weeks ago
i'm abt to b late for work ick

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


no ya imma do dis here not tumbla

☾: post photo of yourself

i know it's broing (purposeful typo, tho) but i don't have time to take pix now, i need to play video games after this

✌: share 5 things that you really want
equal rights for everyone
world peace
unif garter dress (will happen next paycheck)
super super super long and gorgeous hair

☮ : share 5 favourite movies
lost in translation, love exposure, zoolander, the rocky horror picture show, ferris bueller + all those obscure japanese films i watched when i was 15 which blend together but some had ryuhei matsuda in them

❂ : share 5 favourite foods
mashed potatoes, veg sushi, spaghetti, ice cream, lasagna

☯ : share 5 persons you love being with
ilmari, my baby brother, melinda, my grandma, alcohol

☪ : share 5 favourite celebrities
daul kim, jennifer lawrence, gordon ramsay, don on cycle 20 of antm, brooke candy

❀ : share favourite thing you do when you get bored
_eat_, waste my life on the interwebs, play video games, get drunk, shop

♡ : share 5 favourite songs
crystal by new order, sunday by sonic youth, good time by crystal castles,
諦念プシガンガ by 戸川純, WONDERWALL LOL LOL no but 4realz who doesn't love wonderwall?

❁: share 5 favourite blogs

✓: tell 5 facts about yourself
i'm often very child-like, especially when i'm sad or tired
i'm extremely overly attached to many of my material posessions
i actually like my job, it may not be so cool or nething and the hours are murder, but other than that
i'm currently listening to the libertine by patrick wolf and i'd completely forgot how perf he is
i'm actually really sad i never listen to music these days. or i mean yes, i listen to sean paul and 90s hip hop and 1d, but i don't take time to find new artist and listen to those i really love
sparks is my favorite band!!

♧ : share 5 facts about your appearance
i look best naked, my eye color (greenish grayish) sux, i'd be unbearably in love with my face if my nose was sharper, i don't have freckles but i wish i did, i've come to realize i almost always wear the same kind of outfit; skater skirt/dress with some top over it and chunky shoes and an oversize coat

☆: share your current mood
blank, excited to play kh1.5 before work, NOT excited to go to work, loving the moody gray weather, craving ilmari

♒ : share about your crush
he's super duper handsome, and super duper smart i mean i don't use google anymore because i can just ask him and i do ask a lot of questions, he cooks delicious food and is always so proud of himself when he does, i thought he was really pretentious and annoying at first until i realized he's actually the most real person i've ever met, he's got this #redditプレッピーゴスオタク系 thing going on

☀ : something that made me smile today

✖ : something you hate

☼ : something you love
plants and birds and fish

Monday, September 9, 2013


i wish i could stab society and stick needles in it but it's inside me and everyone and i don't want to hurt any specific living thing i just choke when it smells too rotten. why do i have to have so much fake potential when i just want kind and dizzying mist?


Sunday, September 8, 2013


all imma get for payday is youuuuu

and you

and you

nah i'm lying. i rly just want the shoes and the game.
gotta eat and gotta pop sum $$$$$$$$ thriftin and then gotta make more $$$$$$$$

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


for some odd reason i'm suddenly very drawn to los angeles. i've never had any bigger interest in going, but now i do.

today i went to visit my grandma briefly. it was lovely, i've missed her so much, she's marvelous.

i'm going to hang with aino in a bit, in the meantime i'm trying to decide wether i should read j-pod or play skyrim (yes, i know, but my brother finally got tired of it so i only got it like two days ago) but this is what i end up doing:

why does deandri have to do everything so right. i want everything. _fortunately_ i'm not thin, like seriously, i'd be so endlessly broke. and in debt. and like... without a kidney.

oh shit. blurred lines is on my spotify playlist. i need to download it as illegally as possible, it's so catchy but so gross, i don't want anyone to benefit from it any more :( i mean, thicke had so many chances to explain that it's really about actually hating blurred lines (fuck playing hard to get, really, don't do it! if you're mature enough to be in a relationship and/or have sex you should be mature enough to be honest about your feelings) or whatever, but he just keeps making it sound worse.

good time is the best song by crystal castles, hands down. i haven't listened to the new album because for a year, at 16, there was nothing but crystal castles in my life.

i heard this song that's instrumentally golden (because it sounds like the cure and everything i love) but the vocalist sounds so indie crap i can't even listen to it.