Wednesday, March 26, 2014

大和撫子 lvl -666

i'm struggling on the inside with deciding between buying a light pink pvc skirt and buying a light blue pvc skirt and not buying any pvc skirts because i'm going to tokyo in a month _| ̄|○

i'm so bored tho _| ̄|○

why doesn't being bored and alone and on day 2 of a 12-day streak at work justify internet shopping anymore at almost 22 years old? f dat ay _| ̄|○

i'm so bored i'm considering working on toning my hamstrings _| ̄|○

so, i just made pizza from scratch after 8 hours of work. it was delish, apart from the crust that resembled an omelette a bit more than i would have hoped for (it was made of cauliflower and eggs) and so the deslih part was actually the topping and fucking up chorizo and tomatoes and cheese is too next level loser even for me, so i guess it wasn't very successful after all _| ̄|○

i just want to drink stoli and sprite but i can't because i have to work and become fit _| ̄|○

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


- i'd choose ketchup with my fries for the rest of my life over mayo in a heartbeat if i had to choose

- despite several attempts i've never managed to finish clueless

- i'll always be a bit of a weeaboo that didn't get laid when i was 14 on the inside

- my taste in food is very underwhelming and toddlerish

- i'm a pretty boring shag

- i'm extremely mediocre in almost all aspects except for taste and looks, thnk god i'm hella pretty at least