Tuesday, November 27, 2012


my circadian rhythm is a mess. it's bloody four in the morning and i couldn't feel less tired. as a result i was browsing the net and of course nasty gal had some mayhem hyper ultra sale. so i bought myself a pair of jeffrey campbell night walks. i've never even spared them a single lust-filled thought. oh well.

cya in a couple of weeks then, i guess.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


this is going to be e really messy, unstructured entry that'll interest nobody unless they're really hc stalkers of mine; i'm ridiculously tired, went to sleep at nine in the morning today and at around five or six on thursday, too. i had work today at 5 pm, almost cried at six in the morning when i remembered it. lol. but it was very bearable and quite pleasant, even. met this super stoned guy on the bus stop when i got off work today. talked about american horror story and breaking bad and other things on the bus ride to kamppi. he was nice. i just came straight home, i was so tired.

although i've lost money and sleep and surely gained weight from all the booze and lost braincells from all the poppers i've had fun. except yesterday at roska when both melinda and i experienced a bret easton ellis-level of existential crisis because roska was being as shitty as it is at its shittiest. i don't know what exactly it is. maybe it was the couple both sporting shiny new black creepers and especially the guy looking exactly like i did when i was 17 in every other way too making out next to us, maybe it was the fact that we expected a different kind of playlist (it did beat the regular 2010 wnb ug shit they usually play there tho, by far), maybe it was the fact that there was rice all over the floor. it's so easy to get lost in what you despise yet embrace just to be able to cope, but it's always breaking when you're briefly reminded of your fake existence and how you actually hate everyone and everything. i can't explain it although maybe it's blatantly obvious what i'm trying to say, but it's the way glamorama makes me feel (my favorite book ever btw). (SPEAKING OF GLAMORAMA! ON THURSDAY I TOTES MET THIS GUY WHO LOOKED _EXACTLY_ LIKE BRET EASTON ELLIS. except a bit better. he was soo nice, too. i'm not sure how i should feel about the fact that it's usually the easiest for me to relate to stylish, foreign men nearing their thirties. that sentence sounds wrong, it sounds like i'm proud of it and bragging about being mature or whatever, it's not what i'm trying to say. maybe somebody gets what i'm trying to say) but anyway, we left roska pretty much as soon as we got there. we sniffed more poppers and went to dom. it was blissful because nobody tried to be anything. ran into some friends. went to an afterparty at this french johnny depp-clone guy aino and i met on thursday and who i ran into in the grocery store yesterday when the bars had closed.

i took this lovely picture:

tomorrow i'm going to the "opening of aleksanterinkatu christmas street" (to be exact) with ilmari because you'd have to be voldemort not to love christmas lights.   

Monday, November 19, 2012


my life's been all "no work and all play" lately. while it's been fun it's really been bad because i received my paycheck today which was an incredible 53 euros for two weeks... meh. there's just no shifts available. so, i've been looking for a permanent job and tomorrow i'm having an interview which i expect is going to go well. unless they hate my pink hair.
 as for parties, on friday i went to aino's place and played the "my penis my vagina" drinking game, which is a blast. then we met up with ilmari around 00 when he got off work and then ilmari and i broke our promise of never going to roska again and the three of us went to roska and it was fun and not shitty and intolerable at all.
 on saturday thomas came to pick ilmari and me up with a car and we went to iso omena (a mall in espoo). it was surreal and awesome (going by car to a suburban mall on a saturday is surreal and awesome in my books), so many children and people actually staring at you because of how you look. people rarely pay attention to my looks in helsinki, unless they want to take pictures for some fashion blog which is a frequent event in my life, but nobody else. except for this one guy who wanted to take a picture of me on thursday at work.
 anyway, on saturday there was a dress-themed party so nipa came to chill at my place and ilmari and thomas joined later. ilmari made a much prettier girl than me and it actually pissed me off a bit lol. it was super fun until we went to the actual party, i got too shitfaced and i guess everyone were in a pretty lame mood anyway.

yesterday i whined for ilmari to take me to see the new twilight film. so he did. it was super entertaining, as usual, but parts of it were so tacky i just couldn't believe them. like bella's orgasm hahah oh god. + that ending. ew. anyway, dakota fanning's character is so cool although the make up artist did a terrible job with her. but still, so so so cool.

i've been trying to camwhore a lot lately because i've been satisfied with my appearance but i just end up looking ugly, deformed and lame in all pictures ;_;

here are a few of the less fugly pictures (in chronological order, too!);

(no, my lip make up didn't look that shitty, it was an awesome 3d make up, actually, but photobooth just decided to fuck my public image. but i like my cleavage in this picture)


Wednesday, November 7, 2012


ugh i've been standing in heels for 11 hours today. it was an important day at my internship place, we've received all the s/s 13 collections and all kinds of fashion people (mainly stylists, journalists and a few more famous bloggers) have been coming by the showroom all day to have a look. it was a blast, i really enjoyed it. i could talk about clothes, drink sparkling wine, mingle and eat delicious food every day for the rest of my life.

after i left i went to pick up a package although my feet were killing me because it contained this and i just couldn't bear to be apart from it:

my desperately awaited _lovely_ _perfect_ _awesome_ bunny lamp!! it's so pretty, i'm so very much in love with it ♡♡♡♡♡

no picture of my face today, though. i'm so very, very sorry :(

Sunday, November 4, 2012


yesterday i went to mama with nipa to celebrate her birthday. thomas joined us a bit later and then ilmari joined even later (ps my hair is pink atm and his is light blue). it was a blast, which is rare nowadays. i was going to dress as tentacle porn, but then i didn't find a big enough octopus plush that it would've had a point so i just wore my schoolgirl costume.

anyway. i have this terrible habit of making a big deal out of disliking stuff i know nothing about. naturally, once in a while this puts me in an awkward situation when by some queer freak of fate i end up having to listen to a band or see a film i've been dissing and then realizing it's actually superb. newest addition to the list: grimes. well, actually i gave her music a try a while back but i was seriously put off by the video to "vanessa" in addition to not finding the song anything special. i'm still not crazy about all her stuff but some songs are really fantastic, like "genesis" (in case someone isn't familiar with grimes already, which i highly doubt);


+ that pink hair. which you can hardly tell is pink from this picture.