Sunday, November 4, 2012


yesterday i went to mama with nipa to celebrate her birthday. thomas joined us a bit later and then ilmari joined even later (ps my hair is pink atm and his is light blue). it was a blast, which is rare nowadays. i was going to dress as tentacle porn, but then i didn't find a big enough octopus plush that it would've had a point so i just wore my schoolgirl costume.

anyway. i have this terrible habit of making a big deal out of disliking stuff i know nothing about. naturally, once in a while this puts me in an awkward situation when by some queer freak of fate i end up having to listen to a band or see a film i've been dissing and then realizing it's actually superb. newest addition to the list: grimes. well, actually i gave her music a try a while back but i was seriously put off by the video to "vanessa" in addition to not finding the song anything special. i'm still not crazy about all her stuff but some songs are really fantastic, like "genesis" (in case someone isn't familiar with grimes already, which i highly doubt);


+ that pink hair. which you can hardly tell is pink from this picture.

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