Thursday, May 26, 2011


no, not pms. pms is for mortals.
i'm talking about "deciding-you-need-to-do-something-to-your"-hair-part-of-the-month. but what? OH WHAT?
my hair is obviously pretty short so dying is plan a. there's also something i'd very much like to make part 2 of plan a which is getting new extensions to match whatever color i dye my hair. but well see.

n e way. here r sum ideas. regarding color, that is.

ok looking for pix and failing to find visually appealing ones is really pissing me off. imma go and get some sleep.

Monday, May 23, 2011


i came home and had received a shitload of packages! wohoo wohoo

first of all, i got my shoes. they're a tad big but i think i'll manage. + they smell like bubble gum. who could resist shoes that smell of bubble gum?

too lazy to mirror that image. in case you're even lazier than i am, it says: vivienne westwood anglomania + melissa.

nghhhh that unholily ugly gross tacky fucking plastic floor. i hate it so much.

i also got project zero and silent hill 2 for ps2. i know what i'll do all day todayyyyy. after making this post.

last week i bought a new pair of sunglasses too, i think they're pretty rad.

gpoy x 2.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


comfort internet shopping @ my birthday party:

totally not something i needed but whatever. i'm drunk and don't give a fuuuuuck about anything except the fact that they're so damn fine.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


once upon a time in december edith and i changed clothes. she wore my blue sailor dress with a cleavage that doesn't leave much to the imagination, matching hat and fishnets. and this is what i wore (with baggy jeans):

Friday, May 13, 2011


tomorrow i'm having a birthday party. there's a theme which is blood which is adorably lame and hipster and sucky in every way possible but it's my birthday and i get to decide!

ok, but like the title says, this is an outfit post for the first time in the history of a) this blog and b) myself. my face looks so weird, dunno what the hell happened there but yeah.

awkward mirrorshot

i totally loved that look so just figured i'd share. have a nice rest of your life.

Sunday, May 8, 2011



i've decided to throw a foam party. dunno where, dunno when, but i'll throw one sooner or later. preferably sooner.

other than that.............. i've been watching gossip girl with my mom who totally loves it too (you didn't hear it from me tho). the tree doesn't grow far from the apple, i guess. h0h0.

because i had no idea what to wear on may day i missed like 45849578343 buses so i had time to camwhore when i finally was ready and had to wait for the next one.

i got le fucking fantastic dream dress from topshop too, it should arrive next week. can't wait.

ok gtg cya
xoxo etc

Thursday, May 5, 2011


got paparazzied by mom today while at the tram stop. apparently.

yeah, the loser with the laptop (again) and the AWESOME shoes which i received yesterday. ps it's a clickable picture.

aaaaaalllllllsssssooooo. yesterday i decided to do something for my future and went to a hairdressing place and cleaned all of their shelves and organized all their products (man it looked good when i was done. vive le neuroticism. boy that sounded grossly hipster. do forgive me). today there was an interview at the school. it was so WEIRD. they asked my opinions about piercings, drugs and smoking and i'm like, what do you want me to say? i have three piercings and consume all of the above. of course that's not what i told them because i really want to become a hairdresser. at least for now.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


oh boy. krippe, krippe's mom mia and i watched sleeping beauty today. the mere thought of the scene where maleficent's eyes appear in the fireplace and there's that spooky green light and that music, ohhhhh, it makes me want to cry. IT'S SO SCARY. as the cherry on top that music's stuck in my head now. maleficent is so scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. and yet, she's so damn sexy and cool. 'cept they've totally not made justice to her sexiness and coolness in kingdom hearts.

it's in french, but you get the picture. and the music. especially the music.

ok, i'm off to od on frasier and make krippe stay awake until i fall asleep.