Thursday, November 27, 2014

What are you wearing?
short checkered skirt, black shirt

How are you?
bored, sick and a tiny bit anxious but alright

What do you wish for right now?
i want to live a little more, see places and have more friends (s/o to my current friends tho, you're spectacular)

Any plans for today?
sleep, sleep, sleep, binge on vitamins, hang with shinji watching netflix

Miss anyone?
i miss my friends because i can't go outside because i'm too tired and bending over and getting up hurts my head :(

Last thing you bought?
new chokers, two wristwatches and a new foundation on ebay whoop

Last time you laughed?
a while ago, when we watched the new episode of brooklyn 9-9

Last time you cried?
yesterday, i just felt really safe and okay when ilmari was holding me

What are you currently reading?
nothing, to be perfectly honest

Last movie you saw?
mockingjay 1, probably. films are a bit tricky for me still, strangely

Favorite fruit?

Which celebrities have you been told you look like?
agyness deyn
eliza cummings
uma thurman in pulp fiction
alice glass
jenni vartiainen
jessie j
ellen page
anna karina
!!snow white!!  lol

i get a lot of this, so i guess i don't really look like anyone, i'm just pretty in a slightly quirky way and have a very dominating black bob lol

Do you get jealous easily?

What language would you like to learn?
japanese, so i wouldn't have to deal with subtitles in anime and doramas

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

new lashes glued on me. hangin' with shinji my top bro with a surprise vocal appearance by ilmari, my partner 4 lyf.

everything is getting better. some setbacks are inevitable, but it's important to remember that doesn't mean it's back to square one.
evenings are often boring due to this city being boring and the weather getting colder and tv and films being mainly rubbish. i'm planning to make my life more sitcom-like, but finding people worth knowing seems to get harder the older you get. nevertheless, it will all be as lovely as before, i know it because i work so hard to achieve it.

Monday, August 4, 2014



i've been a bit off for a while now.
first there was the getting married and 3-week honey moon in tokyo.

then there was the period of angst due to returning to finland. then i suffered from anxiety for 3 or 4 weeks and after that i've been somewhat depressed and moody. but it's getting better slowly. today, for the first time in a long time my feelings had nuances, like thy did when i was younger.

we've had a kitten for a week now. it's adorable and so pretty. it's named after shinji ikari.

this is from our hostel in tokyo, i'm cosplaying ilmari.

and this was a while back.

i'm busy downloading possible doramas to get addicted to now.
much love.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

:( ):

1. Are you a very open or private person?
very open

2. What is your favourite Christmas movie?
love actually

3. When did you stop believing in Santa?
i don't remember, probably the same time as most kids

4. What do you get complimented on the most?
my face and how pleasant i am. and my voice

5. How are you feeling right now?
crushed, suicidal, tired, lonely, forgotten. just completely devastated

6. If money was no object, where would you move to?
some huge minimalist house made of concrete with mega windows and a spectacular view where i could grow my own food and never see anyone again

7. Who was the last person to make you cry?
i don't know, i've just been crying hysterically a few times today from being overly stressed and having absolutely no free time and nobody missing me

8. Did you make any resolutions for this year? What were they?
to quit smoking. today i smoked a pack in 8 hours so not doing the best job with that

9. Is there a song which can bring you to tears instantly?
cats in the cradle because of daddy issues, obvi

10. Who was the last person you talked about sex with?

11. How did you bring in the New Year?
sober and angry

12. Have you ever online dated?

13. Post a screen shot of your Twitter “Interactions” page.
don't know what that is even. i googled it and it was boring

14. Click on the messages tab on Facebook, post a screen shot (erase surnames for safety).
nah i'm too tired rly

15. Post a screenshot of your tumblr activity page.

16. Do you believe in soul mates?
yes, but not in a super deep way. some people just click better than others

17. Do you play video games?
yes, but not a lot because i'm very picky

18. What age do people usually mistake you for?
i don't know, i guess i look my age

19. What or whom do you miss right now?
xanax or alternatively rotting somewhere and growing into some nice flowers. i guess i really miss having a day off

20. What perfume do you wear?
couture couture by juice couture. an obscene amount, as always

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

大和撫子 lvl -666

i'm struggling on the inside with deciding between buying a light pink pvc skirt and buying a light blue pvc skirt and not buying any pvc skirts because i'm going to tokyo in a month _| ̄|○

i'm so bored tho _| ̄|○

why doesn't being bored and alone and on day 2 of a 12-day streak at work justify internet shopping anymore at almost 22 years old? f dat ay _| ̄|○

i'm so bored i'm considering working on toning my hamstrings _| ̄|○

so, i just made pizza from scratch after 8 hours of work. it was delish, apart from the crust that resembled an omelette a bit more than i would have hoped for (it was made of cauliflower and eggs) and so the deslih part was actually the topping and fucking up chorizo and tomatoes and cheese is too next level loser even for me, so i guess it wasn't very successful after all _| ̄|○

i just want to drink stoli and sprite but i can't because i have to work and become fit _| ̄|○

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


- i'd choose ketchup with my fries for the rest of my life over mayo in a heartbeat if i had to choose

- despite several attempts i've never managed to finish clueless

- i'll always be a bit of a weeaboo that didn't get laid when i was 14 on the inside

- my taste in food is very underwhelming and toddlerish

- i'm a pretty boring shag

- i'm extremely mediocre in almost all aspects except for taste and looks, thnk god i'm hella pretty at least

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


new friend osmo
 from an old friend dollskill
snapped by beloved friend 

tbh i just posted because i wanted to use the emoticon in the title anywhere, so.
much love!