Thursday, November 27, 2014

What are you wearing?
short checkered skirt, black shirt

How are you?
bored, sick and a tiny bit anxious but alright

What do you wish for right now?
i want to live a little more, see places and have more friends (s/o to my current friends tho, you're spectacular)

Any plans for today?
sleep, sleep, sleep, binge on vitamins, hang with shinji watching netflix

Miss anyone?
i miss my friends because i can't go outside because i'm too tired and bending over and getting up hurts my head :(

Last thing you bought?
new chokers, two wristwatches and a new foundation on ebay whoop

Last time you laughed?
a while ago, when we watched the new episode of brooklyn 9-9

Last time you cried?
yesterday, i just felt really safe and okay when ilmari was holding me

What are you currently reading?
nothing, to be perfectly honest

Last movie you saw?
mockingjay 1, probably. films are a bit tricky for me still, strangely

Favorite fruit?

Which celebrities have you been told you look like?
agyness deyn
eliza cummings
uma thurman in pulp fiction
alice glass
jenni vartiainen
jessie j
ellen page
anna karina
!!snow white!!  lol

i get a lot of this, so i guess i don't really look like anyone, i'm just pretty in a slightly quirky way and have a very dominating black bob lol

Do you get jealous easily?

What language would you like to learn?
japanese, so i wouldn't have to deal with subtitles in anime and doramas

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