Friday, February 24, 2012


still not talking about pms.
i'm talking about

i don't fucking know what to do with my hair.
my heart is breaking.

i kinda want to dye it black. because black hair 4ever in my heart.
but i also totally want to dye it gray.
and i also totally want to dye it light pink.

i found some old shitty quality (nothing new there, tho) pix of myself when looking for hairspiring stuff on my photobucket.

right now i can't stand looking at my hair. it's a boooooooring light brown, in a shitty condition and a cut i can't style properly because i'm a loser.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


am throwing a party tonight. people whine because i throw so many parties. wth. everyone's getting so old and boring. it's cheaper to drink at home than at a bar. and i have an uv-lamp.

i bought a wig some time ago. it looks normal.

this awful picture is the least awful of the awful awful bunch i managed to camwhore. dunno why that wig makes me look un-swag, it breaks my heart. anyhow, this is what i'm wearing for my party, probably. unless i change my mind.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

walk walk

i was modeling in a fashion show of a dear buddy of mine, mirjam, on friday.

pretty rad, eh?
ps spot some eye candy in the background looool

i don't have any good pix, which is sad, because the make up doesn't look nearly as extreme as it was. in addition it looks like i'd lack an upper lip, which i certainly do not.

that's my own new faux fur coat btw. it's wonderful.