Tuesday, March 27, 2012


i woke up to the harsh realization of not having won 8000€ and not having bought cranberry flavored mineral water. i can assure you waking up sucked.

after going through my older-than-sin-last.fm-account in spite of better things to do, i'll have to, yet again, admit my 15-year-old self is way cooler than the 19-year-old me (if we look past the 42 plays of joy division), hands down. but, despite how much of an old hag i feel now, there's something to keep me warm at nights: the amount of musical gems i've completely forgotten about.

so please, have some メト
+ some anennasia, actually
take me, take me!

since my hair is bringing me down, i don't have any fresh camwhorage for you, but i found an old video. which isn't one bit interesting since i myself can't make out what the hell i'm saying, but i'm wearing a cool ring that i made but have since lost. ps lol. look at those horrid extensions omg

Sunday, March 18, 2012


i'm having this strange urge to make this blog somehow more tolerable. or actually turn it into a blog instead of a hive of my narcissism. you know, add some content once in a while and such. change the layout and name, even.

however, to do this i feel like i need some big change in my life because right now my life is hardly blog worthy. i don't do much apart from partying and... yeah, that's about it. fortunately, a big change is on it's way. 1.4 i'm moving. and not just anywhere, i'm moving to motherfucking torkkelinmäki. now, this may not mean anything to you if you're not a young, hip and pseudo-artistic person in helsinki, but for those of us who are young, hip and pseudo-artistic it's about as good as it gets. i've wanted to move to kallio since i was like... 13? and now, six, almost seven, years later, it's finally happening! and to the pretty part, too! needless to say, i'm stoked.

but since it's still pre-changes, let's have it the old good (=terrible) way, and have a picture of none other than yours truly.

apart from all this i'm overly excited about the 23rd, the premier of the hunger games film. i'm a loser fangirl, after all.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


last saturday i went to a party which had a pretty vague theme so i dressed up inspired by what the capitol fashion looks like in my head.

this was combined with tiny leather shorts, plus the shirt has a huge hole in the back.

needless to say, i've been totally obsessed with the hunger games for the past week. i'm a sucker for this kind of stuff (yes, i'm a sucker for twilight too).

oh boyyy. can't wait for the 23rd. i love the fact that lenny kravitz was casted as cinna.