Tuesday, March 27, 2012


i woke up to the harsh realization of not having won 8000€ and not having bought cranberry flavored mineral water. i can assure you waking up sucked.

after going through my older-than-sin-last.fm-account in spite of better things to do, i'll have to, yet again, admit my 15-year-old self is way cooler than the 19-year-old me (if we look past the 42 plays of joy division), hands down. but, despite how much of an old hag i feel now, there's something to keep me warm at nights: the amount of musical gems i've completely forgotten about.

so please, have some メト
+ some anennasia, actually
take me, take me!

since my hair is bringing me down, i don't have any fresh camwhorage for you, but i found an old video. which isn't one bit interesting since i myself can't make out what the hell i'm saying, but i'm wearing a cool ring that i made but have since lost. ps lol. look at those horrid extensions omg


  1. vaaaauuu tää sun blogin ulkoasu!

    1. jee! ahkeroin kauan tän taustan kimpussa niin että se jatkuu tolleen nätisti lol