Thursday, February 24, 2011

a playlist

i don't have a favorite place, ffs. that one's gonna take a bit of thinking.

oh well. i want to share a spotify playlist. i don't usually make spotify playlists because they'll be short of a lot of good songs that can't be found on spotify (i'm sure there are ways to get them there but i'm too lazy yo find out about them now).

oh boy. this is like the ultimate playlist of stellar tunes or something. excluding the music that can't be found on spotify, of course.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i hate rain and i'm pretty usual + day 4

Day 4 - A picture of yourself 10 years ago

i dunno how old these are but maybe one of them is about the right age.

lol. i look chinese.

oh. i forgot how much i like i was a teenage satan worshipper.

i'm having my housewarming party on saturday. i hope it won't be too claustrophobic. atm i'm visiting my grandma, i'll be leaving on friday.

lllllondon was very londonesque. the death trap-place might've been kinda meh but i was pretty scared because i've turned out to be the biggest wuss i know lately. how embarrassing. i don't have any pix from the trip because when you're tripping you should be enjoying it and not photographing. unless you enjoy photographing.

Monday, February 14, 2011

blonde and off to london

we'll have to leave in half an hour or so to catch the bus to the airport bc krippe and i are going to london until thursday. our plans so far:
1. that scary amusement thingy near the london eye
2. booze
(3. camden town camden town camden townnnnn!!! krippe doesn't know yet because he thinks it's sleazy and last time we went to london we only went to camden town once but i love the cyberdog store and nothing can keep me away if i'm in the right country and city. and there's the happy shack too. anyway. camden town.)

we're staying at clink hostel again because it's awesome. if you go to london and don't have relatives to stay with, stay at clink. they have a nice smoking area in the basement, i've had good times there (no, nothing dirty. yet.)

i look retarded. but that's the point. my hair is pretty blonde now. i tried to dye it purple or something but it turned out bluexbrownxgray so it had to go.

Monday, February 7, 2011

aquarius & day 2

my hair is orange. one day it'll be blonde. i hope. man i have a lot of sailor-style stuff.

anyway. i'm tired of applying for jobs so i'll do the day 2 part of the 100 day challenge. which is a really difficult and thus really dumb one. so i'll take the easy way out. ha.

Day 2 - A photo that makes you happy

↑ ps this one's clickable. so go ahead, clickety click

it's from about a year ago, from edith's birthday party. everything was so xitinggg back then, nobody knew we were together before i drank too much that evening and as soon as krippe arrived i went and drooled all over him......... then they all knew.
anyway. hilarious pic.

day 1

Day 1 - A picture of yourself taken on the first day of the challenge

this is indeed from friday.

i'm throwing a housewarming party once we get back from london with krippe the 18th. it's going to be a graffiti party. kinda worried if everyone'll fit in here because i invited 40 people...

i should tidy my room a bit and then go and get the jewelry in my tongue switched to a shorter one.

Friday, February 4, 2011


i think i'll go blonde again. i'll start the bleaching today because since i moved on tuesday i live by myself (cept for my roommate whom i haven't bonded with enough to make her watch gossip girl with me just yet) and am bored 24/7 unless i'm busy doing something i don't want to do. it'll all be better as soon as i get that missing piece so i can install my playstation 2.

i was thinking of doing that 30 day challenge too, but you know what, i think i'll take it up a notch and do the 100 day challenge, because i'm mighty (=nolife) like that.

Day 1 - A picture of yourself taken on the first day of the challenge
Day 2 - A photo that makes you happy
Day 3 - Favorite book that you own
Day 4 - A picture of yourself 10 years ago
Day 5 - A place that makes you happy.
Day 6 - Your favorite quote, in your handwriting
Day 7 - Something You love
Day 8 - A picture of the best moment of your life
Day 9 - A talent of yours
Day 10 - Your bedroom (In it's current state)
Day 11 - Your favorite food
Day 12 - A prized possession
Day 13 - Favorite board game
Day 14 - Something you hate
Day 15 - Your childhood home
Day 16 - Something embarrsing in your room
Day 17 - Your pet(s)
Day 18 - Your favorite outfit
Day 19 - One of the best days of your life
Day 20 - Your Grades/Report card
Day 21 - A picture of your cell phone
Day 22 - Favorite cd that you own
Day 23 - A school picture
Day 24 - Favorite purchase ever made
Day 25 - A gift from a friend
Day 26 - A gift from your family
Day 27 - The shoes you wore today
Day 28 - The shirt you wore today
Day 29 - A pretty flower(yes go take a picture of a flower)
Day 30 - Your breakfast
Day 31 - A picture of yourself taken today
Day 32 - Something you collect
Day 33 - Something you made
Day 34 - Something that makes you smile
Day 35 - Favorite movie that you own
Day 36 - A place were you spend alot of time
Day 37 - The last restaurant you ate at
Day 38 - A useless tricket you own
Day 39 - Your favorite picture
Day 40 - An embarassing picture from your rchildhood
Day 41 - Someone in your family
Day 42 - Something you did today
Day 43 - The weather outside
Day 44 - A hobby of yours
Day 45 - Your favorite food
Day 46 - A picture of your favorite state
Day 47 - A room in your house
Day 48 - Your bestfriend
Day 49 - A day your remember really well
Day 50 - Something you drew
Day 51 - Something passed down from your parents/grandparents
Day 52 - A picture of yourself celebrating for getting this far
Day 53 - The last thing you bought
Day 54 - A picture of yourself from middle school
Day 55 - What your wearing today
Day 56 - A drawing of your favorite cartoon charcter
Day 57 - Everything inside your purse/backpack/wallet
Day 58 - Your favorite animal
Day 59 - Your most used electronic device
Day 60 - Last movie you watched
Day 61 - School class picture
Day 62 - Last place you traveled to
Day 63 - Sports awards
Day 64 - Favorite childhood book
Day 65 - A picture of you and your bestfriend
Day 66 - A picture in your room
Day 67 - Something Green
Day 68 - A magazine you like
Day 69 - Something Red
Day 70 - Something you borrowed from someone else
Day 71 - A picture of your favorite piece of jewelry
Day 72 - A stuffed animal
Day 73 - Your lunch
Day 74 - Something you found under your bed
Day 75 - You and a friend
Day 76 - Something that annoys you
Day 77 - The last thing that you bought
Day 78 - Your sunglasses
Day 79 - A ticket from somewhere you've been
Day 80 - Your favorite childhood movie
Day 81 - Something you baked
Day 82 - The most embarrssing thing in your closet
Day 83 - The moon tonite
Day 84 - Your favorite pair of shorts
Day 85 - Something Pink
Day 86 - Something your mom bought you
Day 87 - Something you hold dear to your heart
Day 88 - Your bathroom
Day 89 - What's in your fridge?
Day 90 - Your current school photo
Day 91 - Something that made you smile today
Day 92 - Something wierd in your house
Day 93 - The view from your bedroom window
Day 94 - What you're doing right now
Day 95 - Something yellow
Day 96 - A place you went today
Day 97 - Something heart shaped
Day 98 - Your favorite nail polish color
Day 99 - Something that makes you feel accomplished
Day 100 - The final picture of yourself.

this is it, but i'll post a picture of myself later when i'm not naked and wearing the make up from last night's beer-fest.

i'm on a strict vegetable soup (+ beer and sparkling wine)-diet, i need to lose weight now that i can't be tempted to eat krippe's mom's delicious foods. not to mention my own mom's delicious cooking. my kids'll probably be anorectic because i suck at cooking.

i guess i'll hit the shower or something.