Sunday, February 24, 2013


on friday sonia, marie, ilmari and myself drank vodka at my place before going to roska. the few hazy memories i have are fun and pleasant ones, fortunately.
yesterday i had work in what i thought was vantaa but ended up being espoo? idgi. i did take the bus through vantaa tho. oh god. i was just going to go home and eat mashed potatoes since i my shift ended at 11pm and it took almost an hour to get home, but ended up in mascot and then dom after all.

i dyed my hair a reddish brown which was ok but got fed up with it after three days and dyed it a dark brown, which, of course, actually became black.

so, i'm just a pile of goth.

if you haven't heard this yet, you should listen to it.

i'm off to have a few beers with johannes now. :*

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