Saturday, July 16, 2011


i swore i wouldn't be a lameass and go to a hostel but when i realized the time was only 3pm and not 7pm like it felt, and i had visited every shop worth visiting on strøget, which is like the lovechild of camden high street and takeshita dori, and in pisserenden i tried to find a hostel. i was incredibly lucky, the second hostel i went to also had a note on their door saying they're full but i felt so dizzy and hopeless and stuff i went and asked if there's any chance there's going to be cancelations and there was one free bed in the entire 20 floor hostel, and i got it! yayayayay yall. later when i went to the hostel bar for a beer (excuse for trying to make a friend or two because i'd been alone all day) i befriended three local guys and we went to one of their's fucking huge and amazing place and drank tequila. i'm not hung over but i'm shaking. had some pretty nice hostel breakfast but i only managed to finish 2 glasses of orange juice, 4 of apple juice and 2 glasses of water. now i'm eating some crisps, tho.

now i'm in the hostel lobby/café, waiting for edith and wia to arrive from berlin because i'm not going to drag my luggage with me like yesterday. no sir.

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