Wednesday, October 5, 2011



this is my first giveaway ever. i hope as many as possible will participate! (^▽^)

so i was visiting my awesome grandma over the weekend and i guess she'd grown tired of how my stockings are always broken. so she was like "do you wear black stockings" and i was like "yea, i do" and then she like dumped 7 packages of stockings on me. so i figured i'd give a pack away as a giveaway!

ok so you've got to be a follower of this blog to participate. i'll pick the superlucky winner the 20th of this month. plz promote if you have a blog. GOOD LUCK.

1 comment:

  1. Grannies are awesuMM!!
    Miks mummit aina lahjottaa sukkia? Aina ku käyn kylässä, saan mummilta vähintään kahet nylon sukkahousut ja yhet polvisukat :DD
    En kirjota kauheen usein, kuten huomaa. Yritän parantaa tapojani x3
    Olen siis Miriam!!