Tuesday, April 17, 2012


today i went to nipa to have my hair cut. she's just fantastic, i'm not going to let anyone else near my hair ever again. then we went downtown to eat some salad, look at some clothes and, mainly, smoke some (=shitloads of) cigarettes and do some talking.

so, then for some unexplainable reason, i went to seppälä. yeah, i know, i don't know what was going on in my head, but i stumbled upon the kind of flower headband hipsters all over tumblr have been wearing for ages. it was cheap and white so i bought it. actually i ordered a red one a few weeks ago from asos, but it hasn't arrived yet. hopefully that one'll be more elastic or something because the one i got today is basically unusable with the kind of hairdo i have, so i cut it open and now i can actually use is, so yay.

yeah. i'll watch the first cycle of antm now, waiting for frida to come home so i can cook something superb for us and then head to mama with nipa.

lol. passé loser.

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