Thursday, January 20, 2011

it happened sooner than i would've thought

pix from tokyo, alright.

ok so we thought we'd have to spend like 24 hours on istanbul airport but then they just informed us that we can stay in a hotel for free. we made friends with two guys and took the taxi to the city center and tried to find a bar. which was really difficult.

↑ it was warm so we just sat in the park and drank beer.

↑ endless numbers of homeless cats and dogs

↓ further evidence

↑ point proven.

ok so in the end we managed to find like the only open bar in istanbul. so we smoked some shisha and drank some absolutely gross minty stuff. and then we decided to get back to the hotel but the boys wanted to walk and wouldn't care about my whining before we had walked for what felt like two hours. so we grabbed a cab and went back to the hotel and the party continued in our room.

↓ everyone except me aka "the boys"

ok so then we went to tokyo.

↓ that kid right there is krippe's niece, the most adorable kid in the entire world. and i don't even like kids.

↑ i love this picture of myself.

we did a lot more but forgot the camera at home and i'm too lazy to tell you everything we did during two awesome weeks so sry.


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