Friday, January 28, 2011

title should go here but nah

why does itunes have new updates like EVERY FUCKING DAY?????

i've been obsessing over lavender blonde hair ever since i saw pix of my m8 rebecca having hair like that. so i'll dedicate this entry to purple/lavender hair. lol.

ah. listening to the kind of horrible oshare kei that i used to be obsessed with when i was younger. it all sounds the same. haha.

oh right! i got a dress yesterday. it was delivered home by some dude and he had this crazy sci fi device and i was supposed to sign and it was a touch screen and man, my mind was blown!!

so ok i'm not wearing make up. so i had to do some camwhoring today.


and i guess this would be the part when i'm proving that those are indeed dolly wink-lashes and profiting like crazy.

ok. that's all.

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