Wednesday, June 22, 2011


i am so not going to deal with my home looking totally disgusting right now.

i'm not a student anymore so i'll have to find myself a new apartment within 3 months. i'm excited but at the same time i'm totally exhausted and don't want to deal with anything, i just want to lay down and eat non-vegan ice cream and non-vegan crisps. HOW I WISH I HAD SOME TALENT I COULD MAKE MONEY OUT OF. the only one i can think of is giving blow jobs and i'm too old and frigid and fat to be feeling it.

IF I HAD A FUCKLOAD OF MONEY AND LIKE DIAMONDS AND SHIT LIKE THAT i could buy myself a fancy apartment. i could travel anywhere anytime. i could shop all the time, every day. of course sooner or later, most likely sooner, i'd go totally less than zero and start making snuff-films and start having satan worshipping orgies at my summer house but until then it'd be bliss.

well then, my ever so dear friends, i'll have to drag my ass to the postal office and pick up a mystery package. it is indeed a mystery even to myself. how exciting

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