Monday, May 27, 2013


i started watching the lying game. i'm not nearly as hooked as i was to pretty little liars from the first minute, but it'll do until pll and breaking bad return. watched the entire new season of arrested development yesterday with ilmari.

today i've been binging on fast carbs because i realized i'm 21, haven't lived at home for three years, and if i want to have pasta and pastries for breakfast, i can. feels good, ahhh.

the move is in a few days, i've been trying to get rid of everything i own except for my absolute favorite clothes (anything with bunnies on it), and i'm actually quite pleased with the results. i've sold or given away all of my furniture, and made a lot of money selling my clothes at this annual event during which the entire city turns into a flea market, basically. so yay!

today i've also tried to take a new profile pic for facebook, one where i'm smiling and looking as much like myself as possible. it was painful and embarrassing, but i think i managed. i really look just like i did when i was a little kid. my upper lip seems to disappear when i smile, how horrible. ugh.

i'll continue my loser netflix-addicted life now before heading to work.
much love.

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