Monday, June 10, 2013


we moved and now we've lived here for a little over a week without ne internets. today we got internets and i already feel much angrier and more elitist. maybe i should just quit the internet, it makes me intolerable. i'm too broke to internet shop right now, anyway, due to having to pay two rents this month. bleh.

in other news, it's summer and it's hot and it blows. nobody cares about us fat goths. what are we supposed to wear? i can't just wear daisy dukes and a "crop top" because people would just hurl all over me. i can't wear my plastic dresses nor can i wear my knits. even most of my shoes present a challenge. it's so hard. i've decided to buy myself a new pair of shoes as soon as i'm not broke anymore because my life is so hard.

it's between these two and unif's goners once they release them in all black, but i'm not even going to link the leopard ones because someone skimming this might misunderstand and think those are the ones i want and i just couldn't live with the shame, you know. unif is my favorite brand because their good stuff is so good it makes the bad stuff ok even though much of the bad stuff is really really really bad. i mean i hate all those "i smoke weed i'm so edgie"-things, because honestly smoking weed is about as edgy as sniffing poppers, this is one of the main reasons i can't even be on the internet generally anymore either. if you're going to make a big deal out of "doing drugs" then AT THE FUCKING LEAST DO SOME REAL DRUGS DAMMIT.

this is all for now.
toodles poodles.

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