Wednesday, June 26, 2013

OUTFISTS and apparently a spontaneous rant

not a whole lot qoing on tbh. last week ilmari was on vacation and since i never get hung over we went a bit overboard with the partying... but it was all fun. plus you wouldn't believe the money one saves when taking a taxi is completely pointless because you live in the middle of it all.

i've really tried to be a better 2013er, so i have a few shitty outfit pictures from my phone.
before though, i'll just say this, because i'm forced because of what society has been shoving down my throat my whole life; i know i'm not thin. but i'm not going to apologize. i was thin once, and to me, it's not worth what you have to do to achieve it and to keep it up, because i may be 20 kilos bigger but in my eyes i look the same, and now i can think about other things too. but i'm still only saying this because i feel inferior and worthless because of my body and i want everyone to know i was worthy at least once upon a time.
thanks so much, world.

last day before moving from kallio btw

knit: topshop
skirt: h&m
shoes: vagabond

jacket: thrifted
top: cnt remember tbh
skirt: unif
shoes: unif
panda backpack: thrifted

haHAHAH oh god why am i so bad at this

knit: h&m
dress: zara
shoes: vagabond
panda backpack: thrifted

this outfit i'm more proud of than i want to say since the picture of it looks this bad, but with a single black safety pin, i turned a basic drapey hipster bleh outfit into ☽✝dracula goth✝☾ and i'm just so very proud yknow

dress: gina tricot
sheer blouse (or cape, in this outfit): cheap monday
shoes: office
panda backpack: thrifted

i'm also suffering from hair despair. i hate what's stuck on my head now and i don't know what to do with it. because honestly, i can't do what i would've generally done which is dye it light pink or something because everyone has it and so it's no statement and it's not cool or edgy and it's just like... i've been robbed my thing.

embedding this doesn't even work, but you should watch it. because that blonde kid, you're all going to look like that in 6 months. i swear. + THERE WE HAVE THOSE DAMN SHOES AGAIN (platform work boots), they're being so mean. i have to buy them. HAVE TO. (i have to buy the with tequila by deandri, too, if they ever restock them in my size) i have a silver jacket like that, i got it from jonttu because i was going to buy the same one like in 2007 but then i didn't and then she got bored of it. it's the best jacket. so my "biking kid in the new robyn video"-look is almost complete, i'll just have to dye my hair blonde. maybe this solves my hair despair tho.

i'll watch the new pretty little liars now and then go hang with aino and then go to work.
so much love,

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