Thursday, July 11, 2013


finally got my new stuff from dolls kill yesterday! because i'm sick and twisted i decided to buy the unif garter skirt in black, too. i figured getting it in an m  would be perf because i have the pink one in an s, and it's a tad short. however, they appear to have changed the design or something because i can barely get my new m-one on. boo. well, i'll just have to lose a couple of kilos and hope i won't look like a sausage or i'll have to lose another pair of kilos. unif, my ultimate thinspo.

but now for the big news! i bought a pair of jeans!! i haven't worn jeans, or any pants for that matter, in years (apart from my work uniform which hardly counts because they're so ugly and huge and beige). and even bigger news, i don't hate how i look in them! wearing them and my new lip service top was pretty interesting, during the fifteen minutes it took for me to get from home to kamppi and charge my travel card and wait for the bus, people gave me total special treatement and i was offered a job... lel wtf. generally people just stare at me with disgust.

then i went to porvoo because it was melindas birthday. drank litres of wine and had a blast and some good conversations, too. then nipa drove me, santtu and martin home and i was really drunk and loving and probably very annoying and ilmari told me i was excused from washing my face
 (´ ▽`).。o♡ (currently sporting yesterdays makeup)

loft pic.

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