Friday, July 12, 2013


hangin'. craving hugs and kisses ): ilmari gets off work one hour before my shift starts. ugh it suxXXxxxXxxxx i want a normal job and to be hugged and kissed all the time :(

but today hanna was here and i made us froyo and we drank fresita and gossiped and it was supernice!

(those cakes are supposed to make me a better blogger, all cool bloggers have cool pixel art food in their entries and imma be a superblogger 1 day. the cake's from here btw)

lel these pix look just the same as the one in the previous post but whatevs lyke idc. our fan is next to our bed so it's cool and nice in bed.




the last one is closer to an ugly starfish, but i didn't find anything good nor did i have the energy to photoshop an ugly starfish over the pic.

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