Wednesday, September 18, 2013


no ya imma do dis here not tumbla

☾: post photo of yourself

i know it's broing (purposeful typo, tho) but i don't have time to take pix now, i need to play video games after this

✌: share 5 things that you really want
equal rights for everyone
world peace
unif garter dress (will happen next paycheck)
super super super long and gorgeous hair

☮ : share 5 favourite movies
lost in translation, love exposure, zoolander, the rocky horror picture show, ferris bueller + all those obscure japanese films i watched when i was 15 which blend together but some had ryuhei matsuda in them

❂ : share 5 favourite foods
mashed potatoes, veg sushi, spaghetti, ice cream, lasagna

☯ : share 5 persons you love being with
ilmari, my baby brother, melinda, my grandma, alcohol

☪ : share 5 favourite celebrities
daul kim, jennifer lawrence, gordon ramsay, don on cycle 20 of antm, brooke candy

❀ : share favourite thing you do when you get bored
_eat_, waste my life on the interwebs, play video games, get drunk, shop

♡ : share 5 favourite songs
crystal by new order, sunday by sonic youth, good time by crystal castles,
諦念プシガンガ by 戸川純, WONDERWALL LOL LOL no but 4realz who doesn't love wonderwall?

❁: share 5 favourite blogs

✓: tell 5 facts about yourself
i'm often very child-like, especially when i'm sad or tired
i'm extremely overly attached to many of my material posessions
i actually like my job, it may not be so cool or nething and the hours are murder, but other than that
i'm currently listening to the libertine by patrick wolf and i'd completely forgot how perf he is
i'm actually really sad i never listen to music these days. or i mean yes, i listen to sean paul and 90s hip hop and 1d, but i don't take time to find new artist and listen to those i really love
sparks is my favorite band!!

♧ : share 5 facts about your appearance
i look best naked, my eye color (greenish grayish) sux, i'd be unbearably in love with my face if my nose was sharper, i don't have freckles but i wish i did, i've come to realize i almost always wear the same kind of outfit; skater skirt/dress with some top over it and chunky shoes and an oversize coat

☆: share your current mood
blank, excited to play kh1.5 before work, NOT excited to go to work, loving the moody gray weather, craving ilmari

♒ : share about your crush
he's super duper handsome, and super duper smart i mean i don't use google anymore because i can just ask him and i do ask a lot of questions, he cooks delicious food and is always so proud of himself when he does, i thought he was really pretentious and annoying at first until i realized he's actually the most real person i've ever met, he's got this #redditプレッピーゴスオタク系 thing going on

☀ : something that made me smile today

✖ : something you hate

☼ : something you love
plants and birds and fish

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