Wednesday, September 4, 2013


for some odd reason i'm suddenly very drawn to los angeles. i've never had any bigger interest in going, but now i do.

today i went to visit my grandma briefly. it was lovely, i've missed her so much, she's marvelous.

i'm going to hang with aino in a bit, in the meantime i'm trying to decide wether i should read j-pod or play skyrim (yes, i know, but my brother finally got tired of it so i only got it like two days ago) but this is what i end up doing:

why does deandri have to do everything so right. i want everything. _fortunately_ i'm not thin, like seriously, i'd be so endlessly broke. and in debt. and like... without a kidney.

oh shit. blurred lines is on my spotify playlist. i need to download it as illegally as possible, it's so catchy but so gross, i don't want anyone to benefit from it any more :( i mean, thicke had so many chances to explain that it's really about actually hating blurred lines (fuck playing hard to get, really, don't do it! if you're mature enough to be in a relationship and/or have sex you should be mature enough to be honest about your feelings) or whatever, but he just keeps making it sound worse.

good time is the best song by crystal castles, hands down. i haven't listened to the new album because for a year, at 16, there was nothing but crystal castles in my life.

i heard this song that's instrumentally golden (because it sounds like the cure and everything i love) but the vocalist sounds so indie crap i can't even listen to it.

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