Wednesday, August 28, 2013


why can't there be really advanced robot pets already? don't get me wrong, i am going to get myself an og sony aibo asap because it's awesome, but i want a bunny. i really, really, really want a bunny, but seeing as i can't even manage to keep a plant alive despite all the effort and love... also, i kind of think having pets in general is a bit perverse and i try to respect all animals as their own individuals and masters and not appreciate them for attributes such as looks or sound, but it's really hard for me when it comes to bunnies (and humans, for that matter). so, what better than an advanced cyber robot bunny? cuddly, but doesn't have to be washed and doesn't smell, doesn't need food yet chills around doing bunny stuff, doesn't sleep but charges during the night. how stellar would that be? _extremely_

today i had work at 6am. tomorrow i'm having a day off.
today i'm endlessly sad. i hope i'll be happy tomorrow.
today i want to watch the first twilight film. tomorrow i might take myself on a movie date and watch something proper.


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