Sunday, August 4, 2013


so a couple of days ago i saw this kid wearing an unknown pleasures tee, and i didn't want to burn the shirt and lecture him. you know why? because he was this awkward looking, skinny, pale kid with bad posture and unfashionable glasses and was tops 17. fucking grow up, the rest of you.

on friday i went out with mom and her friend. when i got off work they were in grotesk which was an ok place. then we went to teatteri which was like ridiculously shitty. oh my god. worst dj ever. on wednesday i went to roska with henni. just because i forgot my id at home and it's about the closest bar to our place. they played the best music i've ever heard in roska. not some disgusting passé indie shit with a touch of ironic something in between. i mean, it wasn't that cutting edge or ug or anything on wednesday either, but it was perf. and the clientele consisted of tall, speedy guys and not catty post-hipsters.

endless love 4ever,

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  1. vois jokupäivä käydä kokeilmas grosteskiä :3