Friday, August 23, 2013


can we just take a moment and appreciate these shoes again ok

pix & shoes from solestruck
they're just so terribly expensive. they're almost a $100 more than a pair of hellbounds, and those aren't cheap either. plus the customs would be an additional $100. BUT THEN AGAIN iwantthemsobadandthey'resuperuniqueandcoolandusableand eautifulandmorecomfortablethanhellbounds (although i wore them after a break a while back and was again amazed at how incredibly comfortable they are) so i could wear them everyday for the rest of my life and ugh ugh ugh ugh.
i think i'll end up buying them.
because i really want to. 
because i've become so much better. 
because i'm worth it.
because i would be the coolest in the world.

tuesday housewife

i'm somewhat sick. on tuesday i had a high fever in the evening but on wednesday i was totally fine, yesterday i had a terrible headache at work and this morning i had a horrible flu and now i'm quite alright. what.

my hair is ridiculous. i'm trying to grow my bangs out but it's so painful and painful and painful and painful and painful and i hate doing it but i have to do it because i look so much edgier without it. yesterday i got a loose hair in my eye and it got stuck on my eyeball and i tried to get it out for like 15 minutes and finally when i managed to get that stupid hair out i had to sit down for 5 minutes so i wouldn't vomit or faint because the hair had like eye slime on it and it was just so horrible, i hope i'll never have to go through that again. i'm not chill with eyeballs.

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