Friday, August 16, 2013


i hate unif.
i _hate_ unif.
i unfollowed all my favorite stores on fb for time being but forgot i can still read e-mail titles and it's not like i can skip a mail titled "hey baby naomi new unif collection up give us ur money bitch and we'll be ur best friend" and i'm like, i'll just have a little glance, surely it's ugly as hell becuase that's how i always feel about unif. and uknow, i can resist most of it, like, the furby sweater is really tickling my fancy, but i can resist it, but then BOOM MOTHERFUCKING BAM, there it is. the gammaray skirt;

i i'm getting tired of holographic clothing
ii i know i haven't worn my mermaid skirt much because of the cut which isn't stellar on moi, and it's the same cut
iii i've eaten nothing but candy and pies since quitting smoking so i would look bad in anything (i swear i'll get a grip next week)
iv it might be sold out in the two weeks until my paycheck

pics are screencaps from dollskill.
das all.

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