Monday, January 14, 2013

✰✰ AQUArium NAILS ✰✰

long nails disgust me beyond reason. i personally can't function if my nails are even a bit longer than my finger, and if someone else with long nails touches me i gag, no kidding. HOWEVER. i just stumbled upon something called aquarium nails. they're just too cool. i need them.

all videos showcasing them are super silly but omg omg omg OMG NGHHHH HOW BLOODY COOL IS THAT??

i don't even

other than that i just bought groceries for a week for 30€ shiiit. + been listening to karri koira lol wth srsly I'M SUCH A HIPSTER xdxdxdxddd no seriously hurlllll allover ew me

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