Tuesday, January 8, 2013

☯ #yolo ☯

☯☯☯☯ hiii ☯☯☯☯

my computer ended up dying. i'm desperately awaiting it's replacement. money can buy love.

yesterday nelli and i went to ikea. we ended up stuck there for four hours, spent the time wisely by drooling and almost falling asleep on the beds and pretending to be dinosaurs in the restaurant. the only thing we went to buy was our third clotheshorse, should've bought two. the amount of clothes we have combined isn't even funny or cool, it's horrendous.
then i went for a beer with my new friend walter, we met whilst intoxicated before christmas and decided to be friends forever. one beer at siltanen turned into a bottle of vodka at my place and then another beer at siltanen. naturally i had work today at nine in the morningughIMSUCHAN __I D I O T__ (╯︵╰,)

our new salad bowl. not that it'll ever see salad. just punch and crisps, likely.

here's something rad. j'adore 4ever

god i can't wait to go home and NAP.

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