Wednesday, January 2, 2013


ugh my darling macbook is in a coma. not sure if it'll live or die. hard times.

nye came and went. my roommate nelli, my friend axel and i threw a party together at axel's penthouse a few blocks from nelli's and my home. at some point it went pretty project x, crazy amount of shitfaced strangers and a few friends (i'm guessing it peaked around 70 people on way less square meters), too. i'm a tad partied out, i'm clearly getting old and loserish. ew. but i just can't handle drinking four times a week anymore, last spring four times a week was an achievement because i managed not to drink seven days a week. employment changes one lol (currently at work although it wasn't supposed to start before next week. i'm such a loser).

also. i swear to become more thrifty and use my money more wisely in the future. so, no eating out several times a week, no #yolo-thursdays for a while, no designer shoes, no "ugh my new designer shoes will get ruined in this weather but i still want to wear them"-cab rides. you know, there's this one coat that i'm dying to have, it's a blue woollen coat with darker blue and silver glitter thread and i'm going to deny myself it. i have no memory of denying myself anything in years or like, ever. so godspeed, moi.

here's a picture tea took of me. it looks like instagram came all over it, but apparently it was necessary to make me visible.

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  1. no yolo-thursdays? my heart cries blood.