Saturday, March 23, 2013


logged on to this morning to see if a pair of shoes i've been wanting for would've arrived. instead, i see this horrible train wreck:




sure, i like many of the pieces, ENOUGH TO ALREADY FUCKING OWN THE ORIGINALS. i have absolutely no problem with shopping at high street shops, but the difference is, they're just shittier and cheaper copies of the real deal and everybody knows it. however, i've yet to see a blogger "design" a "collection" that isn't just that. of course i get why they're letting a popular blogger design a really shitty collection since it still sells because of her name and face on it, but it still makes me a bit angry and sad, because this has got nothing of it's own and the copying is really blatant.

to end this i'd just like to say actual buffalo boots are incredibly comfortable and nice to walk in, please buy the real deal and not this bs. you can buy them here for example.

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