Monday, April 8, 2013

☮☮☮☮A TITLE☮☮☮☮

i've been all "yay, payday on friday, i'll buy the complete unif spring collection or something!!" and then i woke up today and did what i always do, checked ebay for mermaid pink hellbounds in my size. and there they were, today. and i'm just like LOL BYE MONEY=bought them. and i don't even feel a bit ashamed.

here's this picture from yesterday which i'm not sure if i like but whatevs. as you can see, i got my bunny knit. i love it endlessly.

worked nine hours yesterday, working nine hours today. dunno what i always manage to do with my back and neck but they always start hurting incredibly much at work, like i feel nauseous and my head is aching and i just want to die because it hurts so much. then it passes over night.

all in all, i'm happy. i mean i hate working until midnight and don't really have much free time but my colleagues are ace and i'm (at least more) rich (than before) and i've got fab people in my life. and cool shoes. loads of cool shoes.

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