Tuesday, April 30, 2013


yo sup

last tuesday i was getting dressed and then i was like fuck it, i'm so not having a clothing crisis and a meltdown, i'm wearing my school uniform. so i did.

melinda, my bff, was here not last weekend but the weekend before that. on friday we went to dom with her little brother and it was totally empty. we had a blast dancing as ugly as possible. but the dj didn't have abba, which was a big letdown. on saturday we went to a party which was really really fun. i'm thinking the lack of hipsters who look at you like "gtfo, this party ain't big enough for both of us" who are always at hytky's parties really contributed to the amount of fun we had. there was this darling guy wearing a bear costume hc rollin, he just kept rubbing his bear head with his chin, until he fell asleep, still in the costume, on the floor under a paw-printed blanket. it was so hot in there it was almost unbearable (haha unBEARable). but the music was really exquisite! i'm so glad parties like this exist, because it's so freeing to be able to just go mental and "dance". i never dance at regular clubs because i feel awkward and judged.

no plans yet 4 2nite.  there's a tuuttimörkö (+others but who cares) gig in vallila, but those vallila parties are really off-turning. then there's some psytrance party somewhere too... ugh.
but i'll drag nelli to alko now and pour alcohol down her throat.

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