Wednesday, April 10, 2013


i'll have to start doing something in a bit, but first this and a bunch of ugly pictures (except for the first one) i haven't wanted to post before.

1. How old are you?

2. How old do you feel like?

3. What have you done today?
woken up and then surfed the interwebs in bed

4. Last film you watched?
um... warm bodies i think. it wasn't all that spectacular, but well worth a watch

5. Last person you called?

6. Do you have any obsessions?
i get obsessed with almost everything for short periods of time. currently chicken soup, pvc and early noughties tween films

7. Are you scared of blood
not in the least. i'm so clumsy i've been bleeding all my life on a daily basis

8. Describe your location
i'm in ilmari's megabed

11. What color dominates your wardrobe?
black, i guess

12. When did you wake up today?

13. What's your favorite holiday?
christmas and vappu

14. Where would you like to be right now?
surprisingly, tokyo

15. Name a place you've visited that you never want to go back to?
talinranta and tavastian lauantaidisko

16. How are you going to spend your time when you're retired?
i'm going to eat cake and drink champagne and wear chanel and too much perfume and get facelifts

17. VWhat song are you listening to now?
nothing. but i'll listen to the puppet by echo & the bunnymen now

18. Have you ever broken a bone?

19. Five things you always have in your fridge?
nothing really, but usually coke zero and mozzarella. you know, i don't know what i eat. i usually eat out or at work

20. Who's your favorite celebrity?
ugh i like them all. but daul kim

21. What kind of mood are you in?

22. What continents have you been to?
europe, africa and asia

23. Do you snore?

24. What jobs have you had?
i've helped out at our family candy factory (no kidding) since i was a little runt, other than that i've done telemarketing (i was really, really good), then assistant for children with various challenges at school, and now retail. i'm the nicest and loveliest person ever, i get tons of compliments every day, but the rest of working in a grocery store is a bummer

25. What kind of clothes do you like to wear the most?
slutty dresses and superhigh shoes

26. What's your horoscope?
taurus, but i'm nothing like one

27. What's your favorite candy?
i'm not really big into candy

28. Last thing you said?
have a good day at work, i love you and all kinds of other grizzly cutenesses

29. What was your favorite subject in school?
fucking lunch break. i hated school and i was a shitty student. when i was 12 i was best in class tho, and my favorite subject was history. then i discovered my talent for falling asleep anywhere, anytime, and that was it.

30. What are you wearing?
i'm naked

31. What's your favorite shop?
dolls kill, nasty gal, zara

32. What size of clothing do you wear?
anything from s to xxxl, depends on how i want my stuff to fit, but generally i'm a medium

33. What is in your pockets?
cigarettes, lighter, bus card, credit card, several keys

34. Last thing you bought?

35. How many times have you moved?

36. If you were stuck on a deserted island, what three objects would you take with you?
laptop, cigarettes, lighter

37. Are you a morning person?
yes but not like hc

38. Last film you saw at the theatre?
warm bodies

40. Have you ever skinny dipped?

41. What did you have for breakfast today?
am about to have an apple and a cigarette

42. How was your life ten years ago?
i was scary and devastated and awkward and didn't trust anyone. also, i carried my harry potter books with me everywhere

44. Last person to do something extra special for you?

45. Where do you keep your phone when you sleep?
if i'm sleeping alone, in bed with me, if i'm not sleeping alone, wherever

46. Last thing you ate?
currently eating an apple

47. Who is the world's most beautiful woman?
ugh, there are so many. for starters, my mom is like ridiculously beautiful, i wish i looked more like her and less weird. then daul kim, megan fay, teale coco, snejana onopka, jennifer lawrence, nicole dollanganger, anna karina, scarlett johanson, nyane lebajoa, sasha pivovarova and rihanna to name a few

48. Are you shy?
no, not really

49. Last concert you went to?
uhh........ i haven't been in a while. probably some friend's band

50. What is your second name?

52. Do you have any secrets nobody else knows?

53. What's the most fun form of exercise?
i think exercising and eating healthy is really uncool. i don't know why. but i have to admit those pop pilates videos is pretty funny. and then pogo, pogo i like

54. Do you have pets?

55. Do you want to get married?

56. Where did you parents grow up?
my mom grew up in tammisaari, and my dad grew up in several places

57. Have you ever called the police?
no, but i've called the ambulance several times

58. What's your heritage?
i'm 1/4 danish and then finnish

59. Do you have a nickname?
nami, and then ilmari calls me something that i won't share to protect my public image and swagger

60. What are your biggest weaknesses?
i'm not good with money, but i'm getting better. also, compulsive shopping, which is getting a tiny bit better too. i don't handle critique well, like i get all mopey and depressed. i'm terrified of failing so i never try anything i'm not sure i'll succeed in. i'm very afraid of hurting people so in trying to protect someone's feelings i often end up hurting them way more than if i had just been honest. i have a superweakness for food, especially pasta and stuff. i always go to extremes with things, i have extreme emotions and i wear extremely much perfume, or i eat tons or i don't eat at all. i tend to forget people don't always live like i do, and talk about excessive drinking and drugs and weird sex to people i shouldn't talk about it to, and talk about things that are important to me like they're commons knowledge which may make me sound elitist but i feel like being all "yeah, so your probably don't know this band called the xx, but" (i hate the xx, btw) would be condescending. i'm also very, very messy and hate washing dishes.

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