Friday, April 5, 2013


got a package. thought it would be a pair of shoes i ordered in february, but it turned out to be a wig and two necklaces i ordered in january. i'd completely forgot about them and why on earth i'd ordered yet another wig, since i never wear wigs. so, anyway, i tried the wig on, because of course, and shiiit you guys. i look super fab. like, my nose is running because apparently my body decided that at 21 it's time to get allergic to spring so my make up is shitty and my nose is red and runny and all and I'D STILL HOOK UP WITH MYSELF OVER, LIKE, ANYONE. long hair is such cheating, it's so easy to look good with long hair. i'm totes gonna let my hair grow!

for now i'm too lazy to attempt to provide any actual content, so i'll just link this, in case you haven't seen it, so you can drool like i drool:

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